Sunday, September 26, 2010

divine intervention.

I just went through a 12-hour ordeal. No kiddin. My laptop crashed on me this morning at 4 while I was watching Glee and I was unable to successfully restart it. You know that hideous, scary black screen with all the computer jargons? It just kept saying 'main system file corrupted'. THE HORROR! My current toshiba (okay the honest truth is, it actually belonged to my dad. but i declared it mine after my compaq died on me last year. and consequently, my dad had to get himself another laptop. yes i'm a brat) has never given me any problems and it's one of the best PCs I've used. Also considering the fact that I have a million photos and songs that I haven't backed up, you can imagine just how harrowing it was for me to know that I might possibly lose everything. I swear, I might have been depressed for months if that really happened.

I went to bed this morning chanting 'this is just a dream... this is just a dream'. And no, it wasn't a dream. I don't know what I did, but I managed to revive it. But I highly doubt it was me at all. It must have been a divine intervention, I'm sure.

So thank you God. Thank you for saving my toshiba.

Hope the weekend's been good.

Talk soon.


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