Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay I know, I am probably the worst blogger on the face of earth. I've just been caught up with things and you know just plain lazy. Bite me.

So updates....

I am no longer working for the menopausal bitch of a boss. All her pent up sexual frustrations will send anyone running for the door. I completed my 2-month contract and decided not to continue. I enjoyed the work I did, but I don't regret my decision because there's no way I'm going to grovel my months there. Just thinking about what I went through working for her gives me shudders.

So until I find myself another permanent job (hopefully in events or PR), I am temping at DBS. It's been alright.

It has been a busy month, with Eid and all. It's the same every single year, yet it's different. You know what I mean?

This Michael Kors watch is currently on the top in my wish list.

I will make sure I own this by the end of the year!

Talk soon.


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