Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another one bites the dust.

You know when I said temping at DBS was alright? Scratch that. It downright sucked. The freaking office is a madhouse I tell you. And the office is so depressing! Grey carpeted floor, white walls and ceiling, white fluorescent lights... do i need to go on? I couldn't even see the light of day! A couple of days later the only thought my exhausted brain could harbour was... WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? Seriously, there's no way someone like me could ever survive in a bank environment. All these banking jargon thrown my way and having to master the customer care system in a matter of days was no mean feat. So... I chickened out and called it quits.

So of cos I had to be proactive and managed to find another job. The number one motivation was of course my depleting bank balance. So I went for an interview for a temp admin position today at the Civil Service College and got the job immediately. I start Thursday. It's a three-month contract, and I'm just glad that it's so conveniently half an hour away from home. Now three months is ample time for me to find a permanent job I hope. I'm really hoping to find an events/PR position. Damn, nobody told me it was this hard to find a job that you actually like. Call me picky, but I'm not going to settle for just anything. Wish me luck.

Talk soon.


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