Sunday, July 25, 2010

hopes of brighter days.

It's exasperating how the weekends fleet! I spent the entire weekend at home. Surprisingly, I spent a lot of time watching TV. I'm usually slumped in front of my laptop but ever since I started working, I'm using my laptop less frequently. In fact, I didn't switch my laptop on this whole week until Friday. That's a first for me.

Work's been.... challenging. I'm struggling to stay on top of everything now that Lia's left. There are just so many things to learn and it's just really daunting being under the watchful eye of my boss, and having to perform up to her expectations. She threw a bitch fit on Thursday. Don't want to get into the details of that but I'll tell you this much... It wasn't pretty. It was definitely not a good week for me.

I just hope this coming week is better. If things don't go well, I always have my impending pay check to cheer me up. I'm already making mental shopping lists.

Have a great week ahead now.

Talk soon.


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