Friday, July 9, 2010

mindless ramble (more to come).

I fell asleep while watching korean last night and woke up with twenty-hours-old make up on my face. Yuck. I need to start treating my skin better.

So yesterday Shangz and Shanthi came over to my place to hang out. We kinda had a mini soiree. Fun! Although the whole point of the meet up was to stuff our faces with decadent food, I hardly did. I have the most irritating appetite that starts acting up way past the acceptable time for food ingestion! So anyways, we huddled together and screamed ourselves silly watching part two of 'REC', which might I add, is a really good sequel. I think it has to be one of the freakiest shows I've watched. I ended up going to be bed parched last night because I was too afraid to make a trip down to my kitchen. I kept seeing flashes of raging flesh eating freaks in my head. So not cool.

Remember Ricky Martin's once upon a time WC theme song that goes like ... 'Here we go! Ale! Ale! Ale! Go! Go! Go! Ale! Ale! Ale!'? It keeps playing in my head (thanks to Marni). I've decided to support Spain in the finals. Not that I've ever been into soccer but c'mon, it's the World Cup (although it really is quite inconsequential in my life)! I don't want to be such a wet blanket, and besides, how cute is Torres! Oh and also because I think I belong in Spain (haha just cos i love to annoy Aishah)!

I'm basking in my last three days of bumping around. Starting Monday, I'm officially an employee of Corporate Media Services. I'm really excited! The job scope encompasses the kinda things I enjoy; writing and events management to name a few. I'm going to go in with an open mind and learn as much as I can. I know that every job has some sort of drudgery attached to it (i learned that not every thing is hunky dory in the working world while interning); as long as I keep it together I know I'll be alright.

Happy TGIF!


PS: Take notes on blogging Marni! Relinquish the morbid blogger in you. Hate me. :)

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